Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chopped Magazine Issue #1 - Out of print - Collectible

We still have the Aussie magazine CHOPPED left in our store, but they won't be around for long. So hurry up and order one while they last. CHOPPED #2 is now in production and will be ready to ship in September. Check back to buy both magazines.

Ardun-Powered: Harry Wright's '33 Coupe
Rat Day No. 8
USA Photos From the Vault
Yokohama Hot Rod Show 2007
Martin's Dodge - 1929 Dodg Coupe
Genuine fold-out pin-up centerfold -- Vivi Valentine!
Bottrop Germany 2007
Letters from Dick Scritchfield - March 11 1964
Australia Photos From the Vault
Rancho Deluxe Speed & Custom
How-To Candy Lace a Roof
Three Australians put this magazine together simply because of their love for rods, customs and old cars in general. They wanted an Australian-based magazine to promote and push traditional hot rod & custom building. Australia has a strong hot rod scene starting back in the mid fifties through to the modern street rod. With every decade producing a style of its own, there's a lot of build options out there - a 40's lakester, a 50's jalopy or a 60's show car. It's good to see the traditional rodders doing research and separating the eras, going for split wishbone front and rear ends over the more recent four bar set up. Tracking down a variety of bits and pieces, be it Oldmobile, Cadillac, Ford or Chevy, and getting back to the roots.

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