Monday, May 16, 2016


WE just got done loading some new stuff in the store and I really dig these little suckers.
Got friends who just brought a little stinker into the world?
Stop the little darling off right with this Sailor Jerry Onesie.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Econoline PU

Saw this beauty at the Rocky Mountain Auto Show today. It was mid-engined and was built on a custom frame. Had a build book with it and it was every bit as well built as the pictures look. 

This Econoline Pup inspired us to create a Vinvanco Econoline Pup shirt, drawn by our talented pal, Zombie, a vintage van owner and talented artist known for his concept drawings in Traditional Rod and Kulture Illustrated. 
Zombie nailed this Vinvanco t-shirt for us, just as he did the Econoline Van t-shirt we've had for a year or so. 
Behold. The one and only Zombie, aka Scott Stevens.

The resulting Econoline Pup shirt is below and you can get yours in Vinvanco store today!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Jeff Norwell's '32 is now Hot Rod Shift Knob Equipped!

Thanks to ultra-talented artist and all around great gearhead pal Jeff Norwell, we can now say that a custom knob is gracing a bonafide Rod & Custom and Rolls and Pleats magazine cover car! A couple months back I mentioned to Jeff that I would love to see him running one of our custom shift knobs in his bitchen 32 Ford truck. We hopped on the phone and brainstromed a bit about what we could make for him. When I mentioned that my one of our favorite things to embed were family heirlooms with sentimental value, he instantly thought of the cool little gargoyle cufflinks he had inherited from his grandfather. Jeff recently brought one of them to the Lone Star Round Up and we whipped up a one-off, red glitter knob with the gargoyle centered within it, We'll be shipping it to him tomorrow but we couldn't help bragging on it just a little before sending it off to Jeff in Ontario. So here it is. A super bitchen one-of-a-kind shift knob for a super bitchen one-of-a-kind truck. Thanks for entrusting us with a treasured piece from your family's past, Jeff.
We can't wait to see it adorning your Richmond 5-speed.  If you've got a custom or traditional hot rod, we'd love to make you a one-off custom. Just call Debbie, if you'd like to do something unique for your ride. And thanks again to Mr. Norwell for helping us spread the word about something we get a real kick out of doing for folks. Enjoy the knob!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HouseOSpeed launches new division -- Vintage Van Company.

For the last year or so, Debbie and I have been concentrating quite heavily on growing our site and frankly, HouseOspeed was in need of some attention. Sure, we've kept the inventory of stickers and patches and what not updated.  But what we were really wanting is something new and unique to offer our HOS customers. We think we've come up with just that. Over the next several months, we'll be adding vintage van merch to our site under the VinVanCo brand.  We'll likely start with stickers, flat art, patches and tees, but we'll be looking for ways to branch out into types of items an early van lover can use to customize his or her ride. We're real excited to be moving in this direction and hope some of you will join us in out attempt to revitalize interest in a body style that we think is rapidly returning to the radar, thanks in no small part to artists like Dirty Donnie, Coby Gewertz, and small handful of dedicated resurrectionists. Keep an eye peeled. We've got new merch headed your way and our first VinVanCo. brand designs are in process.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sentimental value and shifting

It's a small detail, really. A knob. That little doo-dad that resides at the very top of your shifter stalk. But for all the thinking the average gearhead puts into their ride, it's often the one thing that gets overlooked. That's what led Debbie and I to start a couple years ago.

Our goal was to offer the largest selection of shift knobs found anywhere, and we're certainly getting there. But when you have that many choices, what do you run on your personal ride? Well, my Dodge Magnum seemed to get a new knob every month or so until just recently.

I think I've found the perfect knob, thanks to my thoughtful wife. I now run a knob with sentimental value.

When my dad passed last year, we got a small box of his keepsakes. As my dad was a very practical person, it was mostly little functional trinkets. Paper clips and Chapstick and Tic Tacs and nail clippers and such. But in the midst of all those useful items was a little medal medallion. Was it a coin? A charm? Something he got a long time ago in Korea while on R&R? I have no idea and probably never will.
But knowing I quite liked that little trinket, Debbie embedded it in a marble red knob and it is one-of-a-kind and wonderful. I immediately screwed it onto the Magnum and now I think about my dad every time I drive.

It makes me happy, having a small piece of my dad's life, still part of mine. And that, as far as I'm concerned, is what makes for a perfect shift knob. Love you, dad. Hope you're watching the play-offs

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Small oil can shift knobs

I've been collecting up small oil cans for months now. I finally sat down and made them into shift knobs.
They've got a real cool utilitarian vibe to them. Some have a tattered patina, others are shiny. It all depends what you're looking for. Sizing info below.
a. $25.00

b. $25.00

c. $25.00

d. $25.00

e. $25.00

f. $25.00

g. $25.00

h. $25.00

i. $25.00

 j. $25.00

k. $25.00

l. $25.00

Tapped to your specs, from 5/16-18, 5/16-24,  3/8-16 or  3/8-24. Can do 8 and 10 mm sizes, too. $25 ea., while supply lasts. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let Us Introduce Cindy "Crash" Raschke

HouseOspeed, owned by Cameron and Debbie Day, is pleased to introduce Austinite and artist extraordinaire Cindy “Crash” Raschke. Her desire to paint began at an early age, when she found herself unable to part with homework until she had purged the page of all blank space. Always looking for a theme, she would embellish science homework with images of flora and fauna, microscopes and experiments. "I could draw before I could spell or read," she says.

Crash uses a variety of paints including one-shot acrylics, car paints, glow-in-the-dark reflectives, and can spend anywhere from a few minutes to several weeks on a single item.

Her art subjects range from macabre to the ethereal. She loves just about everything she paints, including a collection of vintage vinyl purses, featuring Hawaiian landscapes. Most recently Crash was asked by Gibson Guitars to contribute to a very special project. The arts project consisted of ten foot tall Gibson Guitar sculptures and showcased guitars painted by visual artists such as Crash. They were exhibited throughout the city of Austin and later auctioned off for charity. She along with Craig Barnes painted their guitar with a Rockabilly Theme mixed with a little Hot Rod, signed by the members of ZZ Top.

Frankeee Stein

Tiki Piston
 Crash can be seen at various art shows, and Hot Rod events around the country, but if you can’t get to one of them, some of her work is available at
Her latest creations are disappearing quickly at HouseOspeed’s newest site, HotRodShiftKnob, an online store that sells automobile shift knobs. They retail an exclusive line of “Crash” stones, which are unique resin shift knobs, each hand painted and signed by Crash. The subjects of the shift knobs range from Tiki Pistons, Stray Cats, Elvis Frankensteins, and her latest, Tattooed Good Girls, fully adorned sexy nude girl shift knobs. The prices range from $100-$200.00, but they change regularly due to demand and supply. If you’re lucky to own one of these little gems already, you know just what we’re talking about.